How to Identify Nouns in English

How to Identify Nouns in English

Words are used when we speak or write a language. In this beginner’s guide, you will learn how to identify nouns in the English language.

In conversation or writing, words are changed and arranged in a particular way to make sentences. This is done so that the hearer or reader can understand the meaning.

The words of the English language are classified as Parts of Speech and are named according to their functions.

What this simply means is that every word, dependent on its use, falls into one of the following divisions:

  1. The Noun
  2. The Verb
  3. The Pronoun
  4. The Adjective
  5. The Adverb
  6. The Preposition
  7. The Conjunction
  8. The Exclamation or Interjection

As we proceed, you will learn how to categorize words into these 8 divisions.

Today, we will be looking at the Noun and by the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  1. Describe a noun
  2. List the nouns
  3. Identify nouns in different sentences

Now let’s begin;


What is a Noun?

The parts of speech: noun is used to describe the name of a person, animal, place or thing. There are also nouns that name ideas. For example: the word ‘answer’ or ‘news’. So in simple terms, a noun is a word that names anything.

  • A noun is the name of a person


Sarah, Mark, Cousin, Stepsister, Professor, Painter, Pupil

  • A noun is the name of an animal


giraffe, ant, grasshopper, polar bear, shark, eagle, snail

  • A noun is the name of a place


Jamaica, Switzerland, Kitchen, Porch, Office, Hair Salon

  • A noun is the name of a thing


jar, frying pan, tennis ball, pear, fork, stool, sweater

Now let’s complete the following 4 exercises:

Exercises on How to Identify Nouns in Sentences

Exercise 1:

Underline the nouns that name people in these 5 sentences.

  1. The children visited their aunt and uncle.
  2. Your friend Alex is a doctor at the hospital.
  3. The man opened the car door for his wife.
  4. The pharmacist has a shop near the Deli.
  5. That little boy is my son.

Exercise 2:

Underline the nouns that name animals in these 5 sentences.

  1. The whale lives in the sea, while the lion lives on the land.
  2. Try to keep flies and other insects away from your food.
  3. The kittens and puppies are playing in the park.
  4. John fed the hen and her ten chickens.
  5. The eagle soared in the sky.

Exercise 3:

Underline the nouns that name places in these 5 sentences.

  1. The boys went to College in Canada for 2 years.
  2. We had a picnic in the park near the supermarket.
  3. The exam will be conducted in room 7.
  4. The class will have a trip to Disney World this summer.
  5. We left the office and had lunch at the restaurant nearby.

Exercise 4:

Underline the nouns that name things in these 5 sentences.

  1. There is a book on the table inside that room.
  2. The men are putting the boxes of apples inside the truck.
  3. The woman boarded the bus at the corner.
  4. You can buy milk, butter and bread at the shop.
  5. Ronaldo kicked the ball through the goal.

Now let’s review what we have learnt today.

Many English beginner often struggle with learning how to identify nouns in English. But it’s actually not that difficult. Just remember that nouns are names of people, places, animals and things, or in simple terms, a noun is a word that names anything.



Exercise 1:

  1. children, aunt and uncle
  2. friend, Alex and doctor
  3. man and wife
  4. pharmacist
  5. boy and son

Exercise 2:

  1. whale and lion
  2. flies and insects
  3. kittens and puppies
  4. hen and chickens
  5. Eagle

Exercise 3:

  1. College and Canada
  2. park and supermarket
  3. room 7
  4. Disney World
  5. office and restaurant

Exercise 4:

  1. book and table
  2. boxes, apples and truck
  3. bus
  4. milk, butter and bread
  5. ball and goal

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