7 Easy Ways To Help Improve English Listening Skills

7 Easy Ways To Help Improve English Listening Skills

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could find easy ways to help improve English listening skills? After all, great communication starts with understanding. If you can’t understand the person you are speaking with, it will be somewhat difficult for you to communicate properly.

As an English learning beginner, you may sometimes feel frustrated, especially if not totally sure if you understand the people you speak with as well as the videos or films which you watch.

This post will provide you with various tips and techniques to help you improve your listening skills and better understand English.


Here are 7 awesome tips to help improve English listening skills:

  1. 10 Minutes Per Day
  2. Choose Interesting Topics
  3. Listen Without Translating
  4. Listen Optimistically
  5. Identify the Context/ Setting
  6. Read the Transcript
  7. Keep Practicing

Now let’s look at these tips more in depth.

  • 10 Minutes Per Day

Can you identify at least 10 minutes of your daily routine when you can listen and totally focus on English? You would be amazed at how much these 10 minutes can help to improve your knowledge of English. You can do this while you are enjoying your morning coffee, on your way to school/work, while you’re cooking dinner, jogging, during your lunch or break time or during any free time which you may have.

  • Choose Interesting Topics

If you choose to listen to a movie, video or podcast, it would be better if you picked a topic that was interesting to you. Listening to something that you don’t like or are not interested in won’t help your understanding of English. The reality is that you just won’t be able to focus properly and there won’t be any value in the exercise.

  • Listen Without Translating

Learn primarily with your ears rather than with your eyes.If you are listening to a movie, video or podcast, just ONLY listen to it!Even if there is a transcript available, listen without it. Try to check your understanding of the topic by identifying the main points or by summarizing it first before you attempt to listen to the transcript.

  • Listen Optimistically!

Believe in yourself and listen with confidence. As you listen, believe that you can hear what is being said. You’d be surprised to know that your ability to listen is better than you think it is.

  • Context/ Setting

Identify the context or setting in which the story or discussion is taking place. This will help you to better understand what is happening. Within each context, you will notice that they use specific words and sentences. Once you have identified these, it will help you with the meaning.

  • Read the Transcript

After you have listened to the movie, video, or podcast, you can begin to read while you listen to it. If whatever you are listening to is long, you don’t have to listen to all of it. Try to listen to as much as you can before you start reading the transcript. Reading will help to enhance your listening skills as you begin to identify grammar patterns, natural pronunciation and new vocabulary.

  • Keep Practicing

At times, you may listen to an audio and feel lost or frustrated, but it’s ok, just DON’T GIVE UP! Listen again to the same audio the next day and check your understanding. They key is to keep practicing because your brain will eventually adapt. It will begin to recognize the language and pronunciation used.

These 7 tips have helped many English learning beginners like yourself to help improve English Listening skills. But the key is to practice with every chance you get. By practicing continuously, you will become unstoppable!

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